utorak, 14. februar 2012.

Letter of Motivation - Sales person

 Dear Sir / Madam, 

Since a very long time I have been a loyal customer to your store and when I came across the opening for a salesperson, I knew right there that I was the best choice for this position. Please have a look at my attached resume. 

I would appreciate the opportunity for selling on a regular basis, a product I love and know so well. In the past, I have worked in sales during high school, as a sales professional for Roda Megamartkets, where I was employed as a part-time employee for three years. For this position, I was mainly responsible for ringing through different sales, meeting a specified quota every day, greeting customers, and informing about new promotions to every customer. I assure you that I will be able to offer the same level of service to your customers.

I am sure you will easily recognize me when I came in for an interview. Please do give me a call at 00 123456 for scheduling an interview, and do inform me when I can come down to tell you why I simply love your store. Thank you so much for giving your time.


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