srijeda, 04. januar 2012.

Letter of Motivation - Head of Accounting

Dear Mrs XXXXX

Head of Accounting - Ref XXX posted on  - 9 September 2009 - on the website: www......

Your advert for the above position is of particular interest to me and I therefore wish to apply as I am confident that I meet your needs very closely.

As the Chief Management Accountant of a EUR 2 million turnover private company, I led a team of 10 qualified and part qualified staff through the installment of new financial systems and the re-design and implementation of improved, accessible and informative reporting systems. As part of these changes, I introduced individual cost centers throughout the business, so ensuring financial management is used as a key control ingredient and enabling staff to be measured against targets.

Managing the changes outlined above required me to train and motivate my own staff, four of whom are now studying for their exams. Job motivation and close links with business units has kept interest and morale high and staff turnover low.

The company and XXXXXX sectors have many similarities and I am accustomed to a 24 hour intensive production environment. I believe this background, together with my experience in working and developing activity-based costing systems both on my own and with consultants, qualifies me well for the position advertised.

As requested my CV is enclosed and I look forward tothe opportunity of meeting you to discuss this very interesting position.

Yours sincerely


Enc. CV and references

Primer motivacionog pisma - Profesor Psihologije


Preko sajta Nacionalne službe za zapošljavanje saznala sam da ste otvorili konkurs za radno
mesto profesora psihologije.

Završila sam studije psihologije na Filozofskom fakultetu u Beogradu, sa prosečnom ocenom
8.61. Volontirala sam u domovima za decu bez roditeljskog staranja tokom studija i član sam
nevladine organizacije “XXXXXXXX” koja se bavi problemima i edukacijom dece i mladih. Oblast
mog profesionalnog interesovanja jeste rad sa decom, te sam tokom studija radila nekoliko
istraživanja koja se bave njihovim problemima, a teme istraživanja su navedene u biografiji.

Odlikuje me inicijativnost i sposobnost individualnog obavljanja radnih zadataka, ali takođe vrlo
dobro funkcionišem i u timu. Aktivna sam i imam stalnu težnju za učenjem i daljim

Iskreno se nadam Vašem odgovoru i pozivu na razgovor.

S poštovanjem,


Primer propratnog pisma - VOZAČ


Moje ime je XXXXXXXXXXX. Ovim pismom želim da izvršim prijavu za posao vozača u kompaniji "XXXXX". Oglas za slobodno radno mesto sam video na sajtu: www........

Kao što možete da vidite u biografiji koja se nalazi u prilogu imam iza sebe bogato vozačko iskustvo. Od 20XX do 20XX sam vozio teretna vozila za kompaniju "XXXXX" širom Evrope. A od 20XX do 20XX radio sam kao lični vozač direktora "XXXXX". 

Posebno bih želeo da naglasim da nisam u prošlosti imao ozbiljnijih saobraćajnih prekršaja kao  i da imam veoma pozitivne preporuke od prethodnih poslodavaca. Vozačku dozvolu imam od 19XX, i to za "B", "C" i "E" kategorije. Tečno govorim Engleski, a služim se i XXXX jezikom.

Od ličnih karakteristika bih želeo da istaknem svoju pouzdanost, lojalnost, tačnost i komunikativnost.   

Nadam se da će moje bogato iskustvo vozača i lične karakteristike doprineti pozivu na intervju za posao. Ukoliko imate dodatnih pitanja, slobodno me kontaktirajte na: ............

Zahvaljujem Vam se na vremenu koje ste posvetili razmatranju moje aplikacije i radujem se eventualnom susretu.

S poštovanjem,


Primer motivacionog pisma - Project administrative associate

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter to apply for the position “PROJECT ADMINISTRATIVE ASSOCIATE” . I saw the post for this position on the XXXXX  website

My name is XXXXXXX. I have recently graduated at the XXXXX University of XXXXX (major: International Economics). I’m currently student on master program in XXXXXX, at the University of XXXXXX , and I expect to graduate in autumn this Year.

I was thrilled when I saw this vacancy on Your website, as I see the XXXXX and its organizations as a great opportunity to master professional skills and develop significant contacts. Actually this type of working environment I see as a place where I will be developing my future career.

I think that I am fully competent for the position You are offering. I have some experience in budget management, as I was working for one NGO during past few months on several projects. I/m native XXXX speaker, and I’m fluent in English. I am also very good with computers, excellent communication, and those qualities would help me to manage efficiently challenges of this job position.  I feel comfortable working on my own, or as a part of a team, and because of that I would not see as a problem to work under supervision. On contrary I will find this very useful, as a chance to learn something from my supervisor that would help me later in my future career.  Frequent travel to to XXXXX would be a positive side of this job for me, because I enjoy traveling.

I think that I expressed through this letter my very strong motivation to work for XXXXX. If You need any additional information on my education or experience feel free to contact me anytime via my cell phone: 0099999999999999, or via e-mail. I look forward speaking with You, and I would appreciate very much Your call for interview.



Motivaciono pismo - Translator

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing in response to your published vacancy  for Translation officer. I saw the open call for application in XXXX, on ..... 

Please find attached my resume for your consideration. I would like to bring my strong work ethic, excellent interpersonal communication skills, and my highly developed analytical and numerical skills with good attention to details to your company. I believe that my qualifications, skills which I have developed from my education and experience are a perfect match for this position. 

My resume will detail the required skills and qualifications you seek.  Moreover I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss about requirements for the position you posted and to learn more about your company. 

Thank you very much for considering my application,



Motivaciono pismo - Grants Officer

Dear Sirs,

I am interested in your vacancy for the Grants Officer within the project Enter Name, based in XXXX, which I have been made aware of through your public advertisement.

After thorough reading of your vacancy advertisement and getting familiar with the requirements stated in, I have decided to apply for this position.
At the present I am engaged as a consultant in XXXX as a XXXXX, in charge for coordination of the project “XXXXX” in Serbia. Also, I have long experience working for XXXXX UK, International NGO dealing with promotion of XXXX, especially in the area of XXXX. Through my work in this organization I got a lot of knowledge about human rights in general and about UNCRC in particular. During my engagement with XXXXX I have been working on different positions, mainly as Program Officer, In the period from 20XX to 20XX I was in charge for office in CITY and development of program in the region of NAME. At December 20XX I have started to work in CITY office, developing programs and implementing different projects in the COUNTRY. Intensive communication with local implementing partners on daily basis contributed to the development of my skills and establishing and maintaining professional relations with significant number of different local organizations all over COUNTRY.

My technical background helped me in everyday work and provision of different equipment and materials needed for various projects that I have realized during past years. In the organization I was in charge for all aspect of project implementation, from planning and realization of activities, supporting and close coordination with local partners, to drafting and submitting donor reports. Very often I was a member of multicultural team engaged on joint tasks. Due to the nature of work I have participated in several regional projects realized in xxxxxxx.

On the basis of my experience and skills, I think that I will be able to respond to the challenges that this position is offering and that I will successfully fit in the team of professionals engaged in your organization.

Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

With respect,


Primer pisma - Project facilitator

Dear Mrs. /Mr.
I am writing in response to your advertisement posted on XXXXXXX and I would like to apply for the position of Project Facilitator. I believe that my education, experience and qualifications make me a suitable person for this kind of job.
Since securing a bachelor's degree in XXXXXX, I have spent six months developing my skills as an editorial office secretary and marketing assistant at XXXX. I undertook high volume of customer service on the phone and face to face. The last six months I spent as an English teacher. My role has provided me the opportunity to develop good communication and interpersonal skills. I am also a volunteer with XXXXX, non-governmental organization that works mainly with XXXXXXXX.
I am persistent team player and dedicated to my work. I am confident to perform well in this vacant job.
I hope that on reading my resume you come to the same conclusion and give me the opportunity to become a valuable member of your organization. I look forward to hearing from you.