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Letter of Motivation - Head of Accounting

Dear Mrs XXXXX

Head of Accounting - Ref XXX posted on  - 9 September 2009 - on the website: www......

Your advert for the above position is of particular interest to me and I therefore wish to apply as I am confident that I meet your needs very closely.

As the Chief Management Accountant of a EUR 2 million turnover private company, I led a team of 10 qualified and part qualified staff through the installment of new financial systems and the re-design and implementation of improved, accessible and informative reporting systems. As part of these changes, I introduced individual cost centers throughout the business, so ensuring financial management is used as a key control ingredient and enabling staff to be measured against targets.

Managing the changes outlined above required me to train and motivate my own staff, four of whom are now studying for their exams. Job motivation and close links with business units has kept interest and morale high and staff turnover low.

The company and XXXXXX sectors have many similarities and I am accustomed to a 24 hour intensive production environment. I believe this background, together with my experience in working and developing activity-based costing systems both on my own and with consultants, qualifies me well for the position advertised.

As requested my CV is enclosed and I look forward tothe opportunity of meeting you to discuss this very interesting position.

Yours sincerely


Enc. CV and references

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